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August 29, 2007
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Trilf Logo Contest by photoshop-addict28 Trilf Logo Contest by photoshop-addict28
Trilf Logo (contest). First time logo maker so please do be easy on me.

For these logos i wanted to use lips as the main means of giving off that flirty vibe, cause I rekn it is a universal symbol appealing to both women and men . Women would think lips to be pretty and shiny (obsession to lure men with endless supplies of lip gloss and lipstick), and men... i need not say that men like lips. Quite right yes ? ...Hence hopefully appealing to both genders.

Great if I win
Great if I lose, cause I had heaps of fun with this
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lolitaAgogo Aug 31, 2007   Traditional Artist
uaaa i got all giddy...where to start...
i love the red ones and i think my personal fave for cleverness is the red one with the rounc O of an octopus <3 just makes me giggle. also i like the two middle bottom row black ones, and especially the shape of the shine on the top black one. otherwise i love that stripe one in the lower corner <3 such a cute idea....
Thanks for all the support deary!!
haha are you kidding? these are great, 1,6,8,10,11 are my favorite ones. And just so you know these are wayyy better than any of my first logo attempts.
Thanks. Means a lot coming from you, cause your logos are way awesome
ur welcome....!:D
nice to meet u bro :)
I think the rainbow ones are the best. The text in the baloons might be hard to make out for someone who didn't already have the product's name in mind. Just a tip.
javisco Aug 29, 2007  Student Artist
you had really cool ideas on this. the idea on the lips is really cool. the paper effect bg is always win so I like it.

I'm not really sure what or how to critique so I'll leave it at that, but i wish you good luck on the contest :batman:
btw i totally agree with you!
i think it's means nothing at all, if i do things but hate it~~
it's great that you have fun doing these!
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